A downloadable nukular mech for Windows


This game is still VERY EARLY in development, I only started a few days ago! There isn't many features yet and it is really buggy, though I would appreciate it if you could try it and maybe tell me if there are bugs! If you have any suggestions or want to send a bug report, here is my email address: jamieschiantarelli@gmail.com. Currently there is only 1 map. More are coming soon! I will also iron out the bugs and add more features over the course of time. I am not working on this full time either, this is just a little project I started for fun. 

---Patch notes--

Open alpha available!

-Added basic gameplay.

Install instructions

Once downloaded, extract the .zip file, create a shortcut of the game and drag it to your desktop!


Unnamed mech game windows .zip 15 MB
Mech game 0.5.1.zip 15 MB

Development log